Targetize – a light weight (<1OZ) training sensor- helps beginners through advanced shooters hone their pistol technique and confidence. Instant analysis and corrective feedback are provided through the free Targetize App, allowing shooters to track and improve accuracy, stability, and precision over time. Works with live fire and dry fire (CO2 guns included).


Analyze strength and weaknesses.

Proffesional corective feedback in real time.

Stability, precision and accuracy scores.


Practice Muzzle movement control.

Follow improvement and progress.

Share your scores. shots, and grouping via App.


Test your skills in different scenarios.

Compete to complete challenges.

Train under stress if desired.

Android 5 or newer


iPhone 5 or newer
iOS 8 and up


The Targetize Sensor is a lightweight 9-axis motion device that attaches to the bottom rail of a handgun, tracking your muzzle movement as you shoot. It will particularly track muzzle movement during the trigger pull, providing corrective feedback regarding your stance, grip and trigger pull. Our algorithm was developed with the use of bio-mechanics along with input from shooting instructors and ex-military/special forces.

In addition to providing shooting form tips, Targetize will continuously track the shots you take at every range session and provide scores for your stability, precision, and accuracy. You can compare your scores to those of other shooters in the country.