The Targetize Sensor is a lightweight 9-axis motion device that attaches to the bottom rail of a handgun, tracking your muzzle movement as you shoot. It will particularly track muzzle movement during the trigger pull, providing corrective feedback regarding your stance, grip and trigger pull. Our algorithm was developed with the use of bio-mechanics along with input from shooting instructors and ex-military/special forces.


In addition to providing shooting form tips, Targetize will continuously track the shots you take at every range session and provide scores for your stability, precision, and accuracy. You can compare your scores to those of other shooters in the country.

General FAQ

Targetize was developed and tested by shooting instructors and veterans of the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) and special forces unit. The knowledge, drills and tips incorporated into the system all come from real life scenarios and years of military shooting experience. Taking a Targetize to the range would be like having a personal virtual coach, helping you focus on the things that matter most to your technique.
TargetizeTM is for everyone. From amateur to expert shooters, we monitor a broad range of parameters and offer individualized coaching so you can improve no matter where your skill level lies. The drills and challenges incorporated into the app provide a new angle to your training time at the range and lets you achieve based on your skill level.
The TargetizeTM app and sensor will monitor every shot you make and analyze your shooting trends. We use an advanced, dedicated algorithm, designed to learn user’s technique over time and make suggestions regarding shooting styles. TargetizeTM is there to remind, and teach you about the little things regarding your stance, grip, trigger pull and muzzle movement.
The system measures your muzzle movement, acceleration and orientation a thousand of times per second, to pinpoint the difference between your POA (Point of Aim) and where the muzzle was pointing as you made the shot.
No problem. The TargetizeTM sensor will mount on almost any hand gun rail.
Unfortunately, the TargetizeTM sensor would occupy the same space. In order to use the sensor, you will have to mount it onto the bottom rail of your pistol.
The system supports dry practice, live practice, and CO2 practice (with a blowback CO2 powered BB gun). Once you select the type of practice, the system will adapt to it and provide feedback accordingly.
The system includes a TargetizeTM sensor, a rail mount, a charging cable, a hard shell case, and the free App.
Yes, the system is computable with both android and iOS operating systems.

iOS version 8 and up, and Android version 5 and up.

No, in fact it does not matter to us if you have a target up at all! We focus on the movements you make, not the outcome.  Any good instructor will analyze the shooter while he is taking the shot rather than analyzing the target looks after the shot. The sensor can analyze your technique and provide insight based on the muzzle movement during the shot.
Our sensors communicate with the smartphone via Bluetooth Smart.


1- Enable Bluetooth on your phone
2- Open the Targetize app. Turn on your sensor (by short pressing the “T” button) – all lights should start flash in sequence.
3- Open the connectivity menu of the app by clicking the “Targetize” icon on top right corner of the navigation bar in the app.

  1. Once the connectivity drawer opens, click your sensor’s name to connect.
  • i.If you cannot find sensors on the list, make sure your Bluetooth is on and that the TargetizeTM sensor is on and next to you phone. Then click the refresh button on the top right corner of the connectivity menu.

2. Upon successful connection, the center LED on your TargetizeTM sensor will start flashing, a battery level indication will be shown next to the sensor’s name and the connectivity icon on the navigation bar will turn red instead of gray.


Yes, via the share options on the report screen. (Email, text, social networks)
Please follow the following steps:

  1. Make sure you are following the steps explaining “How do I connect my sensor to the app?”
  2. Hard reset your TargetizeTM sensor ( refer to “how to hard reset my sensor”)
  3. Fully charge the sensor ( may take up to 3 hr)
  4. To test if the issue was resolved, open the TargetizeTM app on your phone, sync the sensor and check after 10 minutes to see if it is still connected

If above steps did not resolve your issue please delete the app from your phone and reinstall it, then follow steps above once again. For further support, please contact us.

You can add a gun to your arsenal from the Settings menu or from the train page (from the gun selection button on the lower area of the screen)

Once on the gun list screen, search for your gun type, click on its name and it will be added to your arsenal list.

Can’t find your gun make or model? Please use the “other” option on your app and contact us to let us know, we will add it to the list.

During a practice session, after every shot you take, a comment will instantly appear on the button on your screen giving you a suggestion for what can be done to improve. Click the comment bar to read more about it and find out what else should have caused that issue (using the numbers on top of the page to navigate between the different options).

At the end of each session, a report will be created summarizing the session. The first comment will be an ‘over all’ comment for the session based on your shooting trends – labeled “all”. You could also brows between each individual shot using the numbers on the bottom of the page to see what happened at that shot. Click the comment bar to read more about it and find out what else could have caused that issue (using the numbers on top of the page to navigate between the different options)
Use the selection button on the lower part of the train page before you start a session. The default option will be “live fire”.
Please notice the sight image on the center of your screen represents your POA (Point of Aim) each circle on the “live” screen represents the difference between your muzzle position at POA (Point of Aim) and muzzle direction as the bullet was leaving the chamber. You can also see the trail your muzzle made between these two points in time. Sometimes when the target does not match what you are seeing on your phone screen it may mean that your actual POA may be different then what you believe it to be.  For any additional details please contact us.

Please contact us. Please mention the make and model of the gun and phone you used when experiencing this issue.
Please contact us.

Technical FAQ

  1. Slightly untighten the bolt of mounting rail ( no need to complete remove)
  2. Make sure the “Front” label on sensor is pointing towards the muzzle (the arrows on the side of the sensor should be pointing away from the gun)
  3. Firmly tighten the bolt

ALWAYS read the Safety and Instruction Manual supplied with your firearm.

ALWAYS keep your gun unloaded until ready to shoot!

NEVER attempt to attach, adjust, or detach the Targetize™ sensor while the firearm is loaded!

ALWAYS keep the gun muzzle pointed in a safe direction!

ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot!

ALWAYS wear eye and hearing protection designed for firearm use!

  1. Use the cord provided with your system, plug it into to a USB wall outlet. (do not use your computer to charge)
  2. Take the sensor out of the mounting rails ( slightly untighten the screw until the sensor can slide out, there is no need to remove the screw)
  3. On the bottom side of the sensor you will find 6 metallic “dots”. Match the groove on your charger to the rib in the charging area of the sensor. The LEDs on your sensor will light to indicate battery charge level.
To turn ON, short press the “T” button on your sensor, the lights will start flashing in sequence.

To turn the sensor OFF press the “T” button for 3 seconds, all LEDs will turn on, then let go of the button to turn it off.

Short press the sensor button to indicate battery level

All LEDs flashing one after another – Sensor is ON and searching for a device to connect to.

Center LED flashing slowly- Sensor is ON and paired.

Left LED blinking fast- Low battery.

While plugged to the charger:

2 LEDs flashing one by one – battery is charging @40%

3 LEDs flashing one by one – battery is charging @60%

4 LEDs flashing one by one – battery is charging @80%

5 LEDs on – battery is fully charged

  1. Make sure the sensor is at least 30% charged
  2. Turn the TargetizeTM sensor on.
  3. Press and hold the sensor’s button for 10 seconds. if all LED lights turn on and then off while you are still pressing the button, the reset was completed successfully.